Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Years and Kirby turns 22!!!

New Year's Eve was very fun this year. First we got to go to a party at and old friend's house whom I haven't hung out with in years. THanks for inviting us, Jess!! There was other kiddos for Preston to play with and he also chased their poor dog the whole time. :) Then we went to the in-laws for junk food, junk food, and more junk food. Mmmmm. So good. Anyway it is also my bro-in-law Kirby's birthday that day, so we partied even harder. The boys did fireworks and shot their guns as well. IT was a great ending to a great year. I hope this one is even better.

Hardware Ranch and Hunting!!

One Sunday (I know, I am bad) we decided to go for a family drive up to hardware to see the elk. It was the last Sunday of the year and the wretched 1 'o clock church block. We had a really great time and when we got to where you could see the elk, Preston said "Where's my shotgun?" Lol. Yea. And the boys went hunting one day and happened to get lucky.


I know it has been over a month since I posted, but it is incredibly HARD to find the time to upload my pictures to my computer!! I haven't been in the mood! SO anyway, here are some pictures of our Christmas. We got way too many presents as usual and feel immensely blessed by our Father in Heaven.