Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preston, oh Preston.....

Whoever coined the term "the terrible twos" must have never had a three-year old. Particularly MY three-year old. Who was an angel when he was two compared to now! We had quite the day yesterday to say the least.... it went something like this:
My Mom is a teacher so she has this week off, and her hubby is out-of-town visiting family, so we decided to hang out yesterday and go shopping.
Usually it isn't a big deal besides the fact that we have to constantly remind Preston to stay with us or he will get stolen....
But usually it is my sister and me.
So yesterday, we went to the mall, ate some lunch, and started to shop.
I had to stop at Motherhood for a minute to feed G man.
Preston was being crazy as usual, opening the curtain constantly, grabbing clothes off the rack to show me, finding random pieces of hardware such as S hooks or nails....
You know, the usual.
Then we went to American Eagle, where he continued his antics.
No big deal.
Then we went to Vanity so I could try on some pants.
That is where we went wrong.
No one can truly understand the magnitude of Preston's energy and sticky hands until you are stuck to watch him for 30 minutes or more, by yourself.
And my poor Mom, bless her heart, had the job of watching the two kids while I tried on pants.
Gunner didn't do much, besides lay there and look adorable.
Preston on the other hand, was into everything imaginable. Sunglasses, necklaces, shoes, underwear, you name it.
He is a very sneaky little boy. He seems harmless enough, just trying on things with his bright blue eyes.
So I come out one time and see him dripping in necklaces and jewelry and decide to take him in the dressing room with me.
Then the worst that could happen is my sexy underwear be flashed to whoever is sitting outside my dressing room, for a brief second.
I find my pants, and we head out of the mall through Sears and walk over to Ross.
We get done at Ross, and by this time it is time for G man to eat, so I am hurrying to get both kids in the car and the bags while my mom hurries and pays for her things at Ross.
And it is snowing and getting cold.
I lift G man's carseat off of the stroller.
And find two clutches.
From Vanity.
That I did not purchase.
That were not cute.
Somehow, in the time I tried on two pairs of pants or went out to get a different size, Preston had managed to stick them under the carseat without my mom or me or anyone else noticing.
And Gunner is screaming by this point.
So my mom gets to the car and we go.
I figure I will take them back another day without a screaming baby.
So the whole way home I am telling Preston that he needs to tell Daddy what he did when we get home.
He is freaking out.
He won't tell Kacey the truth, he blames it on Grandma.
Kacey thinks it is kind of funny.
So Kacey takes him back to the store to give back the clutches.
Preston then kindly shows Kacey where he got them from in the store, and then asks if they are going to buy them.
They give them to the girl working there and tell her what happened, and Preston reluctantly says Sorry.
The girl says thanks. And doesn't really care.
Isn't that lovely.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


My baby is a month old today. :( Enough said.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, the last three weeks have been quite interesting!! Gunner is a pretty good baby at this point and only cries for a little while at night. We had some problems at first getting him to eat 8 to 12 times a day and quite frankly I don't remember feeding Preston that much. He would just want to sleep through some of his feedling so then it seemed like I was feeding him all day every day... But now he is on a schedule and is doing much better thankfully!
Preston does not like baby Gunner very much at this point and definitely doesn't want to touch him unless it is absolutely necessary. He will try to give him back his binky and kiss him on the head before bed, and that is about it.
My recovery after this C-section has been a complete 180 from the last one!! I stopped taking pain medication 5 days out and at this point barely notice that I had surgery three weeks ago! I am so very glad.
I took both kids out today for the first time and it went over without a hitch... Although it was FREEZING and made me not want to go out until maybe April....
I got a touch of post-partum depression for a few days after the birth and was seriously considering not having any more children.... and I couldn't figure out why I would want to do this to myself.... Am I wierd??
Kacey has been a saint through all of this and has taken care of my every need.. I am so grateful to have him in my life. I don't know what I would do without him!
I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven would trust me with another child.. Honestly, Preston is a handful. Some days lately (most days) I feel like all I do is scream at him all day and he just ignores me all day. I don't know what to do to entertain him and keep him out of trouble..And I DON'T want to be that mom that is ALWAYS screaming at her kids... Any ideas??
I need to start my children's blogs. Haven't gotten around to it yet.
Need to register for school. The question is, two classes or three?? Hmm...
That is all for now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Gunner G Braegger
8 lbs 14 oz
20 in long
born at 801 am

Mom and baby are busy trying to figure each other out!! Both are doing well!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The worst part

I have decided that the worst part about pregnancy for me is the hurrying to get everything ready just to sit here and wait part...... I am 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant and my back is KILLING me!! I am pretty much over being nervous and just excited to have my baby.... on Thursday!!! YAY!! And since Preston won't even be able to come to the hospital to see us, I am going to be really anxious to get home. I tried to explain to him the last few days what is going to happen, like I would be in the hospital for a few days and he will be hanging out with his aunt and uncle, and that the doctor is going to cut my stomach open to get baby Gunner out, and he seems like he understands, but who knows!! And we watch a baby story on TLC and he will say "is that what you baby is going to be like??" and I reply "Yes."... I feel kind of bad that he won't be getting all of the attention anymore, but it's good for him, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09'

This year for Halloween we went to the Willard Trunk-r-Treat... Preston got a ton of candy and did such a good job waiting his turn at each car...I was impressed. He was a biker this year and both of his parents were poor-sports and didn't dress up...
(Preston is not into posing for the camera, or even looking at the camera for more than 2 seconds for that matter, but I did manage to get two semi-decent pictures of him)
This is him smiling for the camera
And this is his "mean" face.....(Hee hee)

And of course we went to each of the grandparents house trick-or-treating..... That may be the only advantage of having divorced parents....:)
And we pretty much didn't do anything else for Halloween. No decorating, no hunting for the perfect pumpkin...... Not even a hay ride or corn maze. Maybe next year. Maybe.

Life, currently.....

Here are my jumbled thoughts for the day.....

*Here is my and my boy at 37 weeks..... We are counting down the days until he gets here(12)!! I am excited and also terrified to have another c-section... After all, it is major surgery and I didn't have a great recovery last time. Hopefully, I will be able to remember the first month of Gunner's life and it won't just be a fog.....
*I am feeling very grateful for such supportive family and friends that seem just as excited as me for the new man to come into our lives! Thank you! It is kind of bitter-sweet that my pregnancy is almost over. On the one hand, I am SO excited to meet him, see what he looks like, hold him, and have Preston meet him..... On the other hand I don't know what the future holds for us and if we will have the same infertility trials that we had to get this one here. It is always on the back of my mind.
*I was looking through blogs the other day and found out you can print your blog into a book to keep, like a journal and scrapbook in one!! Since I suck at both, I am going to try and post once or twice a week and then print out a book for every year for us to look at. I think I will do a separate one for each of the kids, too.
*My mom threw me a fun baby shower a few weeks ago for family and friends that didn't get to go to Preston's shower, and it was awesome!! We are stocked with baby clothes for the winter thanks to my support system. I felt kind of stupid having ANOTHER baby shower when I already had one for Preston, but no one else seemed to care! There was good food and good company and I saw alot of people I don't get to see very often.
* I have been trying to find new ways to entertain Preston and do fun things at home with him and want to keep doing these things as much as possible.... such as art projects, teaching him his ABC's, and making playdough. It is very hard for me to come up with fun ideas for a three year old, so I have been relying very heavily on other people's ideas for this....i.e. other people's blogs...... I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a mother... Some days I find myself just going through the motions and not cherishing the time I have during these early years...I really want to try and be the best mom I can be and focus all my attention on my boy(s)-not always an easy task for me. Sometimes it is just easier to sit him in front of sponge-bob and surf the internet for Christmas presents, ya know? I am going to work really hard to give him all of my attention and love.
* NOTHING fits my poor body anymore. I basically alternate between two pairs of sweats every day that are long enough for me. That is one part of pregnancy I won't be sad to see go ....
* I am really excited for Thanksgiving. And for New Moon to come out. ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

32 Weeks

Well, here I am at 32 weeks! We went to the doctor yesterday and Gunner is measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule so I am either going to A) have another big baby or B) he may come early. It made me so excited for him to come!! This month we haven't done a whole lot.... We went to Lagoon at the end of August and had a lot of fun and the whole month of September we have basically been up to our elbows in peaches!! Thankfully that is over now so I can find something productive to do at my own house to take up my time... October is going to be filled with hunting, hunting, and more hunting and maybe a little Halloween :) Kacey has a spike elk tag he hopes to fill and I have a general Northern deer tag.... and also grouse hunting which is my favorite!!! I am getting so excited for our long- awaited arrival and also a little scared at the same time because it has been a while since I had a new baby.........

Friday, August 7, 2009


We like to fish. And hunt. And all of that outdoorsy stuff. We have been fishing a few times this summer, but not as much as we'd like. One day we took the boat and and one day we went to a fish hatchery. Preston liked going on the boat, but was having a hard time catching anything and got bored after a couple hours. Long story short, he ended up hooking Kacey on the nose with a lure because he was swinging it in the water like a wildman.....

Getting ready to go out on the water...

He liked driving the boat. Alot.
The catch of the day!!!!! Not!
This was the catch of the day!!! Pretty Nice!!

And this was our excursion to the fish hatchery. Preston had so much fun and caught 6 fish within a span of about 30 minutes..... We will definitely go back.

Him and his bucket of fish. He was trying to catch them again out of the bucket, it was really funny. And I have mentioned this before, but my child cannot make a normal face in a picture. Must take after Grandma S....... :)

4th O July

We had a really fun fourth....... Friday night we went to the Willard auction and Fireman's Ball but I didn't get any pictures of that. Saturday we went to breakfast with Grandpa and Grandma B and then to the parade. Preston got nailed by a little boy riding his bike in the parade (on the side of the road...).... I was laughting hysterically and everyone probably thought I was a terrible mom for laughing but the confused look on Preston's face was priceless! ( And he didn't get hurt.) But he wasn't as confused as the boy who hit him......LOL

Preston also got to do the sawdust scramble...

He didn't know what to think about getting his face painted

And he got to ride the "airplane"

And last but not least, we got to watch the fireworks from the canal road in Willard. It has become tradition. And Preston actually liked them this year and didn't hide under a blanket.:)

Preston turned Three!!!

It still blows me away that Preston joined us three years ago.. I can't believe it has been that long, and then again I can. This was back at the end of June by the way......

Birthday cake at Grandpa and Grandma B's

Presents from Mom and Dad

One of the presents we got him was bubble blowers..... I am really glad we did. They are awesome!!

Cake at the other party......

And the big present.... A pedal go-cart

He really enjoyed his birthday this year and thanks to all that came and supported him. Although now whenever anyone has a birthday, he seems to think it should be his birthday, too.....:)

Playing Catch-up

Ok, I haven't posted anything interesting in two months. So shoot me. We have been very busy and I am going to do a bunch of posts today, hopefully.
First things first, I am PREGNANT!! Yes, you heard right. As of yesterday he was a pound and a half approx. and growing according to schedule....And I had my glucose test and am OVERJOYED to report that it turned out normal!! No Gestational Diabetes this time... WAHOO!!
How we got him in there you ask?? Well during Christmas time we were taking a break from Chlomid because of problems with ovarian cysts and I was supposed to resume taking it in January.... Long story short, I was giving up and needed a break from hard core baby-making so I decided to sign up for school instead. Kacey wanted to try for three more months and then take a break, so I decided to do that. But my doctor had mentioned a new drug called FEMARA that she had some success with at her office, so I researched it like crazy online and decided I wanted to try it.... Yes, it was the one that costs 90-some odd dollars. I didn't really feel like it worked, no side effects or pain on one side, etc... So the next month rolled around and I took a pregnancy test and of course it was negative so I went through the motions of calling to get Provera (which makes you start your period, if you AREN't pregnant) and proceeded to get my next month of Femara ordered and filled. Waited a week, still negative pregnancy test and no period. This was around the time of the incident in a previous post..... Waited another week still no period. Woke up on a Monday morning, day 49 of my cycle, and took my routine Monday pregnancy test. And it was positive.... And I almost had a heart-attack!! I didn't know what to think so I immediately called Kacey and told him. Even after I went to the doctor I was still freaked out and couldn't believe it was really true that I was pregnant, and we didn't feel absolutely comfortable with it until I was 16 weeks pregnant. So we didn't tell anyone until then....... The fam had mixed reactions to the news and mostly because we waited so long, but I think they are okay now.......
Kacey has been working ALOT lately and I have mixed feelings about it... Obviously we need the money, but I am getting to the point in my pregnancy that I get tired really easily and over-do things often and pay for it the next day......
I started college for the first time back in May and next week is my final!! I can't believe the semester is already over! I only took 2 classes(7 credits) because I wanted to get a feel for what it would be like and see if I could handle it..I actually really enjoyed it! I am planning on going into nursing in the distant future.... It is going to take me a while. And that plan is for me to resume classes spring semester after the baby is born.......
I am going to do several more posts with pictures of what we have been up to this summer, so stay tuned..........

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pinching Your Pennies

There is a website I love that you should all check out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

"Oh ME of little faith..."

Ahem. Notice my side bar..........:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

25th Birthday/5th Anniversary

I turned 25 last week and we also celebrated our 5 year anniversary the same day!! I don't feel like I am 25! It was a great birthday.

Birthday Cake......

And THIS was Kacey's gift for me for our Anniversary.... I have always wanted a wedding band!!!!

And this is what I came home to after our trip.... It is kind of funny because Kacey's antlers are his prized possessions and he carved in one just for me..... Aaaaaaw...

And roses, of course!!
I have to tell you all how much I love this man. These past five years have flown by and it is all thanks to Kacey making it so easy for me to love him. Every time we watch a sad movie or I hear of someone dying, I FREAK and cry for days begging him not to die. I know it sounds really wierd, but I cannot fathom living the rest of this earthly life without him. Even for a short time!! He is my EVERYTHING and is such an amazing person. I love you honey!! Let me count the ways.....
1-I love that you love me for me. Flaws and all.
2-I love that you support me with whatever random project or hobby I want to do.
3-I love your smile
4-I love your eyes
5-I love how quick you are to serve others
6-I love how great a dad you are to Preston
7-I love that you take care of us
8-I love what a hard worker and good example you are to Preston
9-I love your ears.(Wierd, I know.)
10-I love how you sometimes get home from work and clean the house while I watch TV and never complain about it.
11-I love it when you tease me
12-I love that you will eat whatever I make you for dinner and always tell me it's good even when I know it isn't.
13-I love that you put up with me
14-I love how sweet you are to me in your own way
15-And many, many more reasons!!!!!!
And here is to many, many more years with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

California Trip!!!


We headed to California this past week to celebrate my 25th birthday and Kacey and I's 5th anniversary. It was nice to get away for a few days, but next time if we go that far we will definitely fly and stay in a hotel......:)

We started off by going to this fun interactive children's museum in Pasadena. It is SO BEAUTIFUL there!! I love the weather and greenery in Cali, but I DESPISE the traffic.....

Preston playing in the water at the museum

Of course he had to make his own car noises!!!

Mini climbing wall

We spotted what I thought was a carnival while driving home on the freeway one night and so we told my sister we wanted to go there. What we didn't know was that it was basically like a little Lagoon! So we opted to do the mini-golfing instead!

Us mini-golfing

Heather, Lindsey, and I after mini golfing

One of the last days we were there we went to Laguna Beach. It was way fun!! It was a bit cold that day, though. I wish someone would have told me beforehand that the water there is ALWAYS COLD!! It was freezing! Preston had more fun playing in the sand, of course. He was a little scared of the water after it knocked him over one time.

My niece Taylor

Boys will be boys....

My two main men...

Such a cutie

Kacey trying NOT to drown

Our family...(Yes, we were the WHITEST people there!!)

The mess that Preston left us in the backseat


Preston was spoiled for Easter this year. I guess that is what happens when you are the only child!! He got to do three different easter egg hunts and he got the concept of putting the eggs in your bag alot better too. IT was a wonderful weekend and we are so grateful for our Savior and the sacrifice he made for us.

Easter egg hunt at our house

The loot....
Easter egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma B's

Talbot seemed to like it!

Loot from Easter egg hunt at Grt Gpa S