Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Phew... We've been busy. Ish.

This past month has flown by!! I don't know where the time goes, honestly, because we haven't been doing all that much.We had a few birthdays in the family in January but other than that, not a whole lot. We did get a gym membership (Yipee) and I have been taking lots of classes. Most of them kick my butt. Except for one. I have found a new love and its name is YOGA. Although my body definitely wasn't built for it, I love it all the same. I went to the doctor last month and we decided to try a new fertility medication because clomid was just making me grow cysts. So, I went to pick up my FIVE pills, and the total came to 96 FREAKING DOLLARS. Yes. I about died also. I tried to see if they were diamond crusted, but no luck. But I had NO side effects while taking them, so that was a plus. I guess we will see if they did their job in the near future. On another note, Preston is getting huge and I just want to squeeze him all day because he is so cute!! He is such a joy to me and I am so grateful that we have him. Sometimes I wish he would stop growing, though. It was Kacey's 25th birthday on the 7th of February and that was fun. We went to a hunting expo down in Salt Lake and then went to dinner. Kacey just so happened to find a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot while waiting for the rest of us to come out. Lucky Birthday Boy. And Valentine's Day was fun also. Except that I went and took two tests for college in a blizzard, but other than that, it was fun. Very low-key this year. All in all, a great start to the year. I will try to find some pictures to post for the three of you people who read this blog. :)

By the way, Hillary, if you read this, I totally spaced sending you my email so I could be invited to your blog. So invite me , Please. jbraegger(at)hotmail(dot)com Ta ta for now