Sunday, November 22, 2009


Gunner G Braegger
8 lbs 14 oz
20 in long
born at 801 am

Mom and baby are busy trying to figure each other out!! Both are doing well!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The worst part

I have decided that the worst part about pregnancy for me is the hurrying to get everything ready just to sit here and wait part...... I am 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant and my back is KILLING me!! I am pretty much over being nervous and just excited to have my baby.... on Thursday!!! YAY!! And since Preston won't even be able to come to the hospital to see us, I am going to be really anxious to get home. I tried to explain to him the last few days what is going to happen, like I would be in the hospital for a few days and he will be hanging out with his aunt and uncle, and that the doctor is going to cut my stomach open to get baby Gunner out, and he seems like he understands, but who knows!! And we watch a baby story on TLC and he will say "is that what you baby is going to be like??" and I reply "Yes."... I feel kind of bad that he won't be getting all of the attention anymore, but it's good for him, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09'

This year for Halloween we went to the Willard Trunk-r-Treat... Preston got a ton of candy and did such a good job waiting his turn at each car...I was impressed. He was a biker this year and both of his parents were poor-sports and didn't dress up...
(Preston is not into posing for the camera, or even looking at the camera for more than 2 seconds for that matter, but I did manage to get two semi-decent pictures of him)
This is him smiling for the camera
And this is his "mean" face.....(Hee hee)

And of course we went to each of the grandparents house trick-or-treating..... That may be the only advantage of having divorced parents....:)
And we pretty much didn't do anything else for Halloween. No decorating, no hunting for the perfect pumpkin...... Not even a hay ride or corn maze. Maybe next year. Maybe.

Life, currently.....

Here are my jumbled thoughts for the day.....

*Here is my and my boy at 37 weeks..... We are counting down the days until he gets here(12)!! I am excited and also terrified to have another c-section... After all, it is major surgery and I didn't have a great recovery last time. Hopefully, I will be able to remember the first month of Gunner's life and it won't just be a fog.....
*I am feeling very grateful for such supportive family and friends that seem just as excited as me for the new man to come into our lives! Thank you! It is kind of bitter-sweet that my pregnancy is almost over. On the one hand, I am SO excited to meet him, see what he looks like, hold him, and have Preston meet him..... On the other hand I don't know what the future holds for us and if we will have the same infertility trials that we had to get this one here. It is always on the back of my mind.
*I was looking through blogs the other day and found out you can print your blog into a book to keep, like a journal and scrapbook in one!! Since I suck at both, I am going to try and post once or twice a week and then print out a book for every year for us to look at. I think I will do a separate one for each of the kids, too.
*My mom threw me a fun baby shower a few weeks ago for family and friends that didn't get to go to Preston's shower, and it was awesome!! We are stocked with baby clothes for the winter thanks to my support system. I felt kind of stupid having ANOTHER baby shower when I already had one for Preston, but no one else seemed to care! There was good food and good company and I saw alot of people I don't get to see very often.
* I have been trying to find new ways to entertain Preston and do fun things at home with him and want to keep doing these things as much as possible.... such as art projects, teaching him his ABC's, and making playdough. It is very hard for me to come up with fun ideas for a three year old, so I have been relying very heavily on other people's ideas for this....i.e. other people's blogs...... I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a mother... Some days I find myself just going through the motions and not cherishing the time I have during these early years...I really want to try and be the best mom I can be and focus all my attention on my boy(s)-not always an easy task for me. Sometimes it is just easier to sit him in front of sponge-bob and surf the internet for Christmas presents, ya know? I am going to work really hard to give him all of my attention and love.
* NOTHING fits my poor body anymore. I basically alternate between two pairs of sweats every day that are long enough for me. That is one part of pregnancy I won't be sad to see go ....
* I am really excited for Thanksgiving. And for New Moon to come out. ;)