Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preston, oh Preston.....

Whoever coined the term "the terrible twos" must have never had a three-year old. Particularly MY three-year old. Who was an angel when he was two compared to now! We had quite the day yesterday to say the least.... it went something like this:
My Mom is a teacher so she has this week off, and her hubby is out-of-town visiting family, so we decided to hang out yesterday and go shopping.
Usually it isn't a big deal besides the fact that we have to constantly remind Preston to stay with us or he will get stolen....
But usually it is my sister and me.
So yesterday, we went to the mall, ate some lunch, and started to shop.
I had to stop at Motherhood for a minute to feed G man.
Preston was being crazy as usual, opening the curtain constantly, grabbing clothes off the rack to show me, finding random pieces of hardware such as S hooks or nails....
You know, the usual.
Then we went to American Eagle, where he continued his antics.
No big deal.
Then we went to Vanity so I could try on some pants.
That is where we went wrong.
No one can truly understand the magnitude of Preston's energy and sticky hands until you are stuck to watch him for 30 minutes or more, by yourself.
And my poor Mom, bless her heart, had the job of watching the two kids while I tried on pants.
Gunner didn't do much, besides lay there and look adorable.
Preston on the other hand, was into everything imaginable. Sunglasses, necklaces, shoes, underwear, you name it.
He is a very sneaky little boy. He seems harmless enough, just trying on things with his bright blue eyes.
So I come out one time and see him dripping in necklaces and jewelry and decide to take him in the dressing room with me.
Then the worst that could happen is my sexy underwear be flashed to whoever is sitting outside my dressing room, for a brief second.
I find my pants, and we head out of the mall through Sears and walk over to Ross.
We get done at Ross, and by this time it is time for G man to eat, so I am hurrying to get both kids in the car and the bags while my mom hurries and pays for her things at Ross.
And it is snowing and getting cold.
I lift G man's carseat off of the stroller.
And find two clutches.
From Vanity.
That I did not purchase.
That were not cute.
Somehow, in the time I tried on two pairs of pants or went out to get a different size, Preston had managed to stick them under the carseat without my mom or me or anyone else noticing.
And Gunner is screaming by this point.
So my mom gets to the car and we go.
I figure I will take them back another day without a screaming baby.
So the whole way home I am telling Preston that he needs to tell Daddy what he did when we get home.
He is freaking out.
He won't tell Kacey the truth, he blames it on Grandma.
Kacey thinks it is kind of funny.
So Kacey takes him back to the store to give back the clutches.
Preston then kindly shows Kacey where he got them from in the store, and then asks if they are going to buy them.
They give them to the girl working there and tell her what happened, and Preston reluctantly says Sorry.
The girl says thanks. And doesn't really care.
Isn't that lovely.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


My baby is a month old today. :( Enough said.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, the last three weeks have been quite interesting!! Gunner is a pretty good baby at this point and only cries for a little while at night. We had some problems at first getting him to eat 8 to 12 times a day and quite frankly I don't remember feeding Preston that much. He would just want to sleep through some of his feedling so then it seemed like I was feeding him all day every day... But now he is on a schedule and is doing much better thankfully!
Preston does not like baby Gunner very much at this point and definitely doesn't want to touch him unless it is absolutely necessary. He will try to give him back his binky and kiss him on the head before bed, and that is about it.
My recovery after this C-section has been a complete 180 from the last one!! I stopped taking pain medication 5 days out and at this point barely notice that I had surgery three weeks ago! I am so very glad.
I took both kids out today for the first time and it went over without a hitch... Although it was FREEZING and made me not want to go out until maybe April....
I got a touch of post-partum depression for a few days after the birth and was seriously considering not having any more children.... and I couldn't figure out why I would want to do this to myself.... Am I wierd??
Kacey has been a saint through all of this and has taken care of my every need.. I am so grateful to have him in my life. I don't know what I would do without him!
I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven would trust me with another child.. Honestly, Preston is a handful. Some days lately (most days) I feel like all I do is scream at him all day and he just ignores me all day. I don't know what to do to entertain him and keep him out of trouble..And I DON'T want to be that mom that is ALWAYS screaming at her kids... Any ideas??
I need to start my children's blogs. Haven't gotten around to it yet.
Need to register for school. The question is, two classes or three?? Hmm...
That is all for now.