Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As I sit here trying to think of what we did in December, I keep drawing a blank. Why does it take so much effort for me to remember ANYTHING. Ugh. Annoying. Here we go..... The first weekend in December is our annual girl's night out for me and my sisters and Mom. We go down to Salt Lake and see the lights, take a carriage ride, and go to the festival of trees. This has been a tradition since I can remember, but after my Grandma H died we didn't do it for a while and have since started back up. It is really fun because we basically just laugh and make fun of each other the whole time. This time Heather (long lost older sister) was able to come (Yipee!) however she was like 11 months pregnant then. I am sure you could imagine what that was like! I tried to talk her into riding in a wheelchair, but she wouldn't go for it. It was a really fun weekend and a much needed break for me. 

The second week in December was finals week, and I don't remember much except a blur of body parts and numbers. I did pretty good on my test though....

The third week in December, sweet baby Hunter was born, and I got to go down and spend the whole day with Heather in her hospital room. She did SO much better this time than she did with Tay. (Who happens to be her only other child, and will be 11 years old tomorrow). So Hunter was quite a shock! Gosh, he is cute. I want to drive down there and hold him. Right. Now.  

Pictures just don't do him justice. He is SO cute. 

Christmas also happened that week, and that was fun. Got lots of goodies, and Santa went overboard as usual.( Do you ever get out of the mood to take pictures, or do anything of that sort?? I do. Alot. Unfortunately, this was one of those months.) I did get a few pictures though.....
Then we had the last week, and New Year's eve. We pretty much are lame old people now, and just go to the in-laws house for lots of food and card games. We had a good time.

My cute little sis. Who is having a little GIRL in June. I can't wait!!!

The birthday boy.

This is Neb's signature look. It makes me laugh.

This is what happens when I say "make a funny face." Kacey's face is real funny, eh? Not!

P, in his element. Outside.
Goodbye 2010.
The End.